How do your courses work?

You work on the courses and watch tutorial episodes via our course web app - Morningdew Media Education. A dedicated place to learn and explore courses!

The benefits of working in the course app:

 You get NEW EPISODES from time to time.

 Course progression / Gamification.

✅ Additional Content, Project Files, shortkeys, tips and tricks!

✅ Chat / Help - Ask questions directly to the course author (Mattias).

The app works on any device with a browser; mobile, desktop / TV etc.

 Dark & light mode for your convenience.


I bought a course - where are the episodes?

You work on the course via Morningdew Media Education web app. When you purchase a course you get an email with your account details and a temporary password to be used with the Morningdew Media Educational app.
You can of course change or request a new password at any time!

When you login to Morningdew Media Education you can instantly start watching the exclusive episodes via the Courses page. Voilà!


How do I get access to the Exclusive Discord Channel?

1. Use the following Discord "open" invite link: https://discord.gg/3U3KGks

2. Login / create an account to access our main Discord channel.

3. Send Mattias (Gelhein#4291) a PM with your order number AND email used when purchasing the course.

4. We will upgrade your account to get access to the exclusive course channel!

Any further questions? morningdewmedia@gmail.com


How do I install Bitwig preset packs?

We always ship install instructions in our preset packs. But Mattias also made a video on how to install third party presets, using the Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 as demo here: https://youtu.be/siY4ZpNOeCY


How do I install Logic Pro preset packs?

Please read the attached installation instructions that came with your preset pack or check one of our install articles here.


License and legal rights for Morningdew Media samples / presets

Purchase of our samples, sound packs & presets grants you a license for commercial and non-commercial use of the product without attribution. You agree to not re-sell / re-distribute the samples "as is", in part or as a whole.

While it's not required, we do appreciate if you put “features sounds by Mattias Holmgren” where you list credits for your track/project/film/etc.