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Logic Pro for Beginners Course

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Caret Down

In this comprehensive course, we'll guide you through everything you need to know to start making music with Logic Pro. Enjoy +32 episodes and over 4 hours of Logic Pro tutorials.

The course begins with the basics of Logic Pro and how to setup your audio & midi gear like audio interface, mic & midi controllers. Furthermore you'll learn about recording and editing audio / MIDI and how to use the powerful plugins to get a professional sound in Logic Pro! In the course there are also dedicated "Song sketch" episodes where we just make a beat in 5-10 min.

Bring forward your music with Logic Pro!

[Watch Free Episode - How to record audio in Logic Pro]

[Watch Free Episode - Automation in Logic Pro]

Do you want to start writing music in Logic and don’t know where to start? This course is your perfect guide into Logic!

In this course we will cover all sections in Logic from a Music Producers perspective. You will be able to produce music within a day from knowing

Product Brief

Caret Down

✅ 32 Episodes -  4 hours 40 minutes.

✅  Subtitles / Closed Captions - French, German, Deutch, Spanish etc. YouTube / Google.

✅ Full Lifetime Access to the Course App - a dedicated place to learn Logic Pro!

✅ Chat - Ask Logic Pro related Questions to the course mentor (Mattias).

✅ Access to the Exclusive Discord channel!

✅ Free preset pack (Neptune) for the Logic Alchemy Synth!

✅ New episodes, new content is coming!


Caret Down


Logic Pro - course trailer (Watch FREE here)

01. Introduction

02. Quick song sketch in 3min (FREE)

03. First steps - Sound Content & Advanced Features (FREE)

04. Audio Device Settings (FREE)

05. User Interface & Views (FREE)

06. Track Types Explained (FREE)

07. Selecting Regions & Marquee Tool

08. Region Editing in Logic Workspace

09. Audio Region Editing Part 2 - Reverse, Cut, Join + more 

10. Software Instrument Tracks

11. Loop Browser

12. Midi controller & keyboard setup (FREE)

13. Recording basics & midi recording

14. Piano Roll Editor & Midi Editing

15. Midi Quantization: Melody & Drums

16. Audio Recording Basics - Sound Quality, Sample Rate & Bit Depth

17. Recording: Setup Mic, Input Gain

18. Plugin Effect Basics

19. Sends and bus tracks

20. Song Sketch 02

21. Audio Track Editor - working with transient markers

22. Troubleshooting Midi Playback

23. Automation

24. Midi Comping & Take Folders

25. Midi Velocity Editing Techniques

26. Flex Time, Flex Editing Audio & Guitars

27. Sync Loops to Project Tempo

28. Step Sequencer Drum Programming

29. Song Sketch (Stock Sounds) in Logic 10.8

30. Electric Guitar Recording (Setup & Tips)

31. Automation Part 2

32. External MIDI synths & instruments

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I wanted to express my boundless gratitude and admiration towards you.

I wanted to express my boundless gratitude and admiration towards you. Not only are you an outstanding music teacher, but you are also a source of inspiration, support, and guidance in my journey towards music.

Under your tutelage, I have not only learned musical skills but, more importantly, I have discovered a passion for music and a desire to create. Your patient guidance in helping me overcome challenges and your encouragement to unleash my full potential have been invaluable. Your teachings have not only enriched my musical knowledge but have also instilled in me life wisdom and self-confidence.

I deeply appreciate your companionship and support throughout my musical journey. Your encouragement and guidance have propelled me further and solidified my resolve on the path of music. Every interaction with you has been a precious learning experience, and I will forever cherish the time spent with you.

Through your mentorship, I have not only honed my musical skills but have also discovered my own potential and value. Wherever life may take me in the future, your teachings and influence will always remain in my heart, inspiring me to pursue higher and farther goals.

Once again, thank you for everything. I genuinely look forward to our future encounters and continuing to strive for excellence on the musical journey.

Suzanne Ingers
Easy to follow,

I like the tempo, the lengh of each lesson. Its right on the spot. O unneccassy comments. It’s good to repeat any lesson you want.

This Logic Pro course is an excellent

In Logic Pro there are so many settings, instruments, tools, and other features so it can feel overwhelming when You start Your first project. This Logic Pro course is an excellent, easy to follow, hands on course that inspires You to start recording Your own music.

Henrik J
Logic Pro for Beginners is an excellent starting point.

Logic Pro for Beginners is an excellent starting point. Mattias is a great teacher 🤩 You'll receive fantastic tips and even find inspiration on how to compose your own songs!
- Henrik J

I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get started with Logic.

I really enjoyed this first part of the training, the bit of ground I covered with Mattias helped me to remember some elements and functions I'd forgotten, the videos are very pleasant to watch and the content is well chosen.

Mattias masters his subject, everything is always clearly explained and well illustrated, he's a great person and I'd also like to point out that he was available to help me with a specific request I had.

If I had something to improve it would perhaps be the platform itself which is limited to the YouTube constraint (for example: the French subtitles that I used, videos that are not available offline unlike another platform) but that's just a detail.

I can't wait to continue the rest of this course and learn more from Mattias.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get started with Logic. Really motivating and productive for an extremely reasonable price.

Logic Pro for Beginners Course
Logic Pro for Beginners Course


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Standing head and shoulders above any DAW tutorial that I have seen, this class is truly epic and is perfect for beginner and expert alike. Bitwig takes some unpacking and Mattias does a super job with his patient delivery and top level music and video making skills. A+++


The Bitwig Masterclass is a must for any musician looking to get a very good understanding of Bitwig Studio and all the possibilities it provides. The course is well structured and Mattias' very pedagogic approach is ideal for making quick progress and building a strong foundation of knowledge that will allow you to record your tunes in no time. Learning to use Bitwig isn't hard with Mattias, quite the opposite. Give it a try ;)


I found the masterclass very useful for getting familiar with Bitwig Studio. I can tell a lot of effort was put in to this and to make it as entertaining and useful as possible for a educational course. I would recommend.


I found the whole course very informative and imagine i will be referring back to it multiple times. Definitely worth the money if you're a complete noob like me!


I want to thank u for the masterclass.
Half march I finished my recordstudio and left all Bitwig courses behind. Your master-class absolute helped me to conquer the DAW from scratch on and its happy time for me to be creative again. Ectually 'Spring In Russia Spring In Europe' was the verry first inspiration, walking in woods and hearing the birds, go in to my studio and in two hours I recorded this. I wish you happy healthy life with your teachings, your creativity and your family. With regards in respect, Frans Nouws Amsterdam.

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