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Arranging Course // Loop to Finished Song

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Caret Down

Learn how to turn your music ideas into finished songs!

In the course you will learn how to create an arrangement roadmap, a guide to assist your songwriting and arranging process. Furthermore we go through all the necessary steps to expand a simple 4-bar loop into a full 3min song.

Time to actually FINISH YOUR BEATS!
Learn typical song structure, electronic music production, arrangement techniques and creativity hacks!

In the course we work in Logic Pro, and the free Vital Synth instrument plugin. But the concepts of arranging is universal and is useful in any music application or hardware composition setup.

Included in the package
When you join the arrangement course you will get access to the course web app where you watch the episodes, download presets & projects, and read additional information on arranging. In the app you can also ask questions to the course mentor, Mattias Holmgren.

[Watch a FREE episode here]

✅ 18 Episodes + Playtime: 1h 20min.

✅ 4K video quality, english voice over & subtitles (language options).

Enroll today and kickstart your songwriting and arranging skills!

Product Brief

Caret Down

In the arranging course you will learn:

How to make an Arrangement Roadmap (drawing)

Typical song structure

Turn small music ideas into full songs

Tools to break out of writersblock

Arrangement tricks to build intensity. Tense / release.

Instrument layering tips

Music production tricks

Creative hacks

Basic requirements, to get the most out of the course:

  • Basic knowledge of triad chords & major / minor scale.
  • Basic knowledge of how a DAW works (like Logic Pro, Ableton, Cubase).
  • It helps if you play an instrument (keyboard / guitar)

Included in the course:

18 Episodes with estimate playtime: 1h 20min.

4K video quality, english voice over & subtitles (language options)

When you purchase the course you gain lifetime access to the Morningdew Media Education app. A dedicated place to learn your new skills. The app features dark/light mode.

More info on the Morningdew Media Education course app in the FAQ page here.


Caret Down

01. Intro

02. Arrangement Roadmap

03. 4 bar loop chord progression

04. Rhythm & Melody (Watch FREE episode)

05. Chorus 1 - Chords & Melody

06. Chorus 2 - Levels, Claps

07. Chorus 3, Sidechain, Effects

08. Chorus 4 - Bass, Layering

09. Verse 1 - Chords, Melody

10. Verse 2 - Bass

11. Verse 3 - Arp, Earcandy

12. Verse 4 - Kick, Melody, Edits

13. Intro

14. Extending the song

15. Bridge 1 - Chords, Melody

16. Bridge 2 - Bass, Arp

17. Bridge 3 - Layering, claps, effects

18. Bridge 4 - Strings, Riser Effect

Customer Reviews

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Steven Franzken
From Start to Finish

Mattias is beyond generous with his presentation of completing a song from start to finish. Very easy to follow and insightful Not to mention his availability to answer any questions you have. Looking forward to more of these.

Very inspiring to see the process of arranging a song

It's very inspiring to see the process of arranging a song in a very well explained way ! Thanks ! Fred

Easy to follow and very instructive!

Mattias is a great instructor, a beginner will find this course easy to follow and very instructive.

Arranging Course // Loop to Finished Song
Arranging Course // Loop to Finished Song


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Customers feedback

What our customers say about our courses?


Standing head and shoulders above any DAW tutorial that I have seen, this class is truly epic and is perfect for beginner and expert alike. Bitwig takes some unpacking and Mattias does a super job with his patient delivery and top level music and video making skills. A+++


The Bitwig Masterclass is a must for any musician looking to get a very good understanding of Bitwig Studio and all the possibilities it provides. The course is well structured and Mattias' very pedagogic approach is ideal for making quick progress and building a strong foundation of knowledge that will allow you to record your tunes in no time. Learning to use Bitwig isn't hard with Mattias, quite the opposite. Give it a try ;)


I found the masterclass very useful for getting familiar with Bitwig Studio. I can tell a lot of effort was put in to this and to make it as entertaining and useful as possible for a educational course. I would recommend.


I found the whole course very informative and imagine i will be referring back to it multiple times. Definitely worth the money if you're a complete noob like me!


I want to thank u for the masterclass.
Half march I finished my recordstudio and left all Bitwig courses behind. Your master-class absolute helped me to conquer the DAW from scratch on and its happy time for me to be creative again. Ectually 'Spring In Russia Spring In Europe' was the verry first inspiration, walking in woods and hearing the birds, go in to my studio and in two hours I recorded this. I wish you happy healthy life with your teachings, your creativity and your family. With regards in respect, Frans Nouws Amsterdam.

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