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Bitwig Studio Masterclass

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Caret Down

Unleash Your Musical Genius with the Complete Guide to Bitwig Studio Masterclass! Discover the most powerful and versatile music app on the market.

With +40 episodes and over 6 hours of cutting-edge content, you'll be able to master every aspect of Bitwig in no time! 

This comprehensive course is designed for both beginners and intermediate users who want to unlock the full potential of Bitwig Studio.

*** Updated with Bitwig 5 content ***

Modulate Anything (Free Episode)

Bitwig Clip Launcher vs Arranger (FREE EPISODE)

Enroll and learn Bitwig Masterclass. Led by renowned instructor Mattias Holmgren, known for his highly acclaimed Bitwig Studio Basics, Film Scoring and Game music series on YouTube, this masterclass is guaranteed to take your music production skills to the next level.

Minimal Requirement: Bitwig Studio 3.5

Product Brief

Caret Down

✅ 41 Episodes!

✅ 6 hours playtime in crisp 4K video quality.

✅ Bitwig preset pack - Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig Studio (worth €25!)

✅ 2x sound packs - Analog Coast Kit + Catalyst Risers (worth €24)

✅ Lifetime Access to the Bitwig Masterclass course app!

✅ Exclusive Discordaccess for QA (Question Answers related to the masterclass)

✅ Subtitles / closed captions (english + auto translate to any language!)

✅ Additional episodes


Caret Down


  1. Introduction (FREE) - quick overview of the Bitwig strengths as a modern music production environment.
  2. User Interface
  3. Audio & Midi Interface Setup
  4. Arrangement Navigation
  5. Tracks & Signal Flow (FREE episode)
  6. Browser – get familiar with the device browser of Bitwig Studio.

6.1 Instrument Devices

7. Recording Midi (FREE episode)

8. Drum Machine

9. Midi Editing

10. Clap & Mix Drum Slots (FREE episode) (FREE episode)

11. Nested Devices

12. Automation

13. Melody, Macros & Performance Controls

14. Mixing lead & pad

15. Recording Audio. Audio Input Setup. Vocal recording & mixing tips.

16. Arrangement Editing

17. Modulators (FREE / Trailer episode)


19.Clip Launcher + Note Operators

20. The Fundamentals Of Sound design 

21. Polymer Synth + Instrument Layer 

22. Kalimba Sound Design ( PolySynth + Sampler) 

23.Audio Clips vs Audio Events 

24.Advanced Audio Editing

25.Audio Event Operators

26.Audio Time Streching 

27.Comping Audio Recording Takes

28.Instrument Layers (part 2), Voice Stack, Macro, Remote Control


30.Export Audio

31. Volume, Gain & Advanced Automation

32. Grid Introduction

33. Bitwig 5.0 Browser

34.Modulate Anything P1

35.Modulate Anything P2

36.Hardware Effects Setup Guide

37. Clip launcher vs arranger

38.Play in key / scale with KEY FILTER

39.Clip Automation

40.Clip Launch Quantization (2023-11-23)

 [Full outline on what each episode in the Bitwig Masterclass contains here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Really enjoyed the masterclass.

Really enjoyed the masterclass. Lots of useful episodes which made me think and subsequently improve my own productions.


Very good for beginners and those who are a bit above beginners

The Party
Excellent course for those new to Bitwig

Excellent course for those new to Bitwig, broken-up into digestible chunks that you can do in any order based on your familiarity with the program or making electronic music. I feel confident I know my way around the DAW and this confirmed Bitwig makes the most logical sense for me moving forward in terms of workflow. -The Party

Your masterclass cleared up many things.

I am a Cubase user for twenty years, using it for recording live musicians, and mastering in Wavelab. Wonderful software. Bitwig fascinates me, though. I'm struggling with how to use it as a production / composition tool. Your masterclass cleared up many things. The Bitwig toolset is similar to Cubase, of course, but adds many more levels of opportunities.

Basics and more

enjoyed the course. of course it's not the entire bitwig world, but a great starter package....also 4k and internal mattias style explanations. thank you mattias!

Bitwig Studio Masterclass
Bitwig Studio Masterclass


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Customers feedback

What our customers say about our courses?


Standing head and shoulders above any DAW tutorial that I have seen, this class is truly epic and is perfect for beginner and expert alike. Bitwig takes some unpacking and Mattias does a super job with his patient delivery and top level music and video making skills. A+++


The Bitwig Masterclass is a must for any musician looking to get a very good understanding of Bitwig Studio and all the possibilities it provides. The course is well structured and Mattias' very pedagogic approach is ideal for making quick progress and building a strong foundation of knowledge that will allow you to record your tunes in no time. Learning to use Bitwig isn't hard with Mattias, quite the opposite. Give it a try ;)


I found the masterclass very useful for getting familiar with Bitwig Studio. I can tell a lot of effort was put in to this and to make it as entertaining and useful as possible for a educational course. I would recommend.


I found the whole course very informative and imagine i will be referring back to it multiple times. Definitely worth the money if you're a complete noob like me!


I want to thank u for the masterclass.
Half march I finished my recordstudio and left all Bitwig courses behind. Your master-class absolute helped me to conquer the DAW from scratch on and its happy time for me to be creative again. Ectually 'Spring In Russia Spring In Europe' was the verry first inspiration, walking in woods and hearing the birds, go in to my studio and in two hours I recorded this. I wish you happy healthy life with your teachings, your creativity and your family. With regards in respect, Frans Nouws Amsterdam.

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