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Bitwig Studio Masterclass

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Do you want to learn Bitwig Studio? The most exciting music software on the market!

The Complete Guide to Bitwig Studio Masterclass

In the Complete Guide to Bitwig Masterclass you will learn all the important features of Bitwig Studio. It’s a course for beginners and intermediate users who want to learn the full potential of Bitwig. Over 3 hours of cutting edge content!
The masterclass is created by renowned instructor Mattias Holmgren. Known for his highly acclaimed Bitwig Studio Basics, Film Scoring and Game music series on YouTube.

My intention with the course is to give you the best start and jump the obstacles in Bitwig Studio. Learn the full potential of Bitwig Studio!

NEW EPISODE 24 - Advanced Audio Editing P1, published 2022-01-20.

NEW EPISODE 23 - Audio Clips vs Audio Events , published 2022-01-20.



+ Access to the Bitwig Masterclass Video Tutorials pumped with tips and tricks!
+ 24 Episodes
+ 3 hours 22 minutes playtime in crisp 4K video quality.
+ Bitwig preset pack - Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 for Bitwig Studio (worth €25!)
+ 2x sound packs - Analog Coast Kit + Catalyst Risers (worth €24)
+ Exclusive Discord access for QA (Question Answers related to the masterclass)
+ Additional episodes coming Q4 2021!


Outline & Episodes

  1. Introduction (FREE) - quick overview of the Bitwig strengths as a modern music production environment.
  2. User Interface
  3. Audio & Midi Interface Setup
  4. Arrangement Navigation
  5. Tracks & Signal Flow
  6. Browser – get familiar with the device browser of Bitwig Studio.
  7. Recording Midi
  8. Drum Machine
  9. Midi Editing
  10. Clap & Mix Drum Slots
  11. Nested Devices
  12. Automation
  13. Melody, Macros & Performance Controls
  14. Mixing lead & pad
  15. Recording Audio. Audio Input Setup. Vocal recording & mixing tips.
  16. Arrangement Editing
  17. Modulators
  18. Sidechaining
  19. Clip Launcher (added 2021-10-21)
  20. The Fundamentals Of Sound design (2021-11-17)
  21. Polymer Synth + Instrument Layer (2021-11-24)
  22. Kalimba Sound Design ( PolySynth + Sampler) (2021-11-25)
  23. Audio Clips vs Audio Events (2022-01-20)
  24. Advanced Audio Editing P1 (2022-01-20)


    Upcoming episodes

    • Bitwig Devices Walkthrough
    • Advanced Clip Launch Programming
    • Advanced production techniques in Bitwig
    • The grid - introduction
    • The grid - how to build your first synth
    • Working with external synths

    How do I get access to the Exclusive Discord Channel?

    Send me your order number AND email adress used when purchasing the Bitwig Masterclass, and I will send you a Discord invite asap. Send your order-nr to:

    How do I install the Bitwig preset packs?

    I always ship install instructions in my preset packs. But I also made a video on how to install third party presets...using the Producer Essentials Pack Vol 1 as demo here:


    I bought the course, where do I find the episodes?

    When you purchase the course you create an account at Login to your account and at the bottom of the Bitwig Masterclass post there is a button "View Online".

    Click the "View Online" button and you should find the episodes. Voilà!



    Minimum Bitwig Studio version 3.3.
    But the core features still work in the older v2.5.


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    About the course instructor - Mattias Holmgren

    Mattias has +20 years in the entertainment industry, creating music and sounds for many commercial console games, short films and media projects. He is also actively releasing music under the name Mattias Holmgren & Gelhein.

    Check Mattias albums, game music, film score credits here.