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Doumbek // Kontakt Instrument

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Caret Down

The doumbek is a goblet shaped drum that originates in Egypt. It is a small, portable hand drum that is popular in different music worldwide.

I bought my Doumbek in Turkey a few years back and love the sound of the drum. This gave birth to this Doumbek sampled instrument!

Product Brief

Caret Down

The Doumbek is deep sampled with 5 round-robin variations and many velocity layers for the important Doum, Tek and Ka articulations. You also get extra articulations like slaps, flams, sweeps and rolls to enhance your performance.

With the Kontakt version you also get a FLAM SPEED knob to control the speed of the flams and sweeps which is very handy when programming realistic performances.

Doumbek - Sound Demos:

doumbek demo #1

doumbek demo - beledi

doumbek demo - slaps


A fully multi-sampled Doumbek

5 round robins & velocity layers for the major: Doum, tek, ka articulations.

Flam speed control

Filter Cutoff control

Download the Doumbek Manual for further instructions, key mappings etc. here.


Kontakt 5.8.1 and up (FULL VERSION required)

Not compatible with the free Kontakt Player!

34 MB of HD space


Caret Down
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Doumbek // Kontakt Instrument
Doumbek // Kontakt Instrument


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