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Morningdew Media

Found Sounds Vol 1

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Creative found sounds recorded for various pro music, game and film projects. 

Hand picked compilation for instant gratification

Perfect organic sounds to add into your music productions. Spice your games with pristine quality sounds.

Check out sound demos and YouTube video here.

In this pack you will find everything from an antique wood cash register, backgammon dice sounds, assembling sounds, metals (rattle, tap, clang, cling, shake etc.), music box, plates, lightbulbs, switches / buttons, coffee machine and coffee bean bags. It's a gold mine of over +540 sounds!


➜ +540 Found & Foley Sound Effects in .wav format

➜ 44.1 khz 16 - 24bit. 196 MB disc requirement (unpacked)

➜ Recorded with Zoom H4N + Neumann TLM 102 mic.

➜ No pre-processing except normalization and subtle compression.

➜ 33 folders of foley effects suitable for music, games, film and animation:

01. Assembling Metals - 15x constructing or assembling metal objects.

02. Assembling Wood - 7x constructing or assembling wood objects.

03. Big plates - Dry big plate hits (vibrating) and machine smacks.

04. Bucket - Bucket small lid open.

05. Buttons - 86 button / lid sounds from small, medium to big and futuristic.

Great as HUD sounds in games.

06. Cardboard box - 18x Folding out, opening, rattling & placing a cardboard box.

07. Cash register - 110x Cash sounds (4 subfolders) Antique wood cash register, coin drops, bag drops, cash in tray etc. Good for games and casino sounds.

08. Chains - 2x Big chain sounds. Drag and unlock / remove chain from metal bars.

09. Coffee - 26x coffee related sounds. Assembling coffee machine, coffee bag shake, coffee bag wrap, coffee crusher, fill beans etc.

10. Coins - 14x coin sounds. Coin purse drop, fetch coins, mafia coins on table, register ping etc.

11. Dice - 30x dice rolls, place dice on table, dice roll on leather,

12. Gong - 2x big gong sounds. Gong soft hit and Gong looping.

13. Impacts - 12x impact sounds. Dark, big, medium and reverse impacts.

14. Kickbike - 1x kick bike rolling on gravel.

15. Lamp Chain Clanks - 23x lamp chain sounds.

16. Lightbulb - 5x lightbulb ping sounds (made by a finger tap)

17. Lotto machine - 9x lotto machine sounds. Machine ball rolling loop, damp balls rolling, machine loop, machine start up sound.

18. Metal pedal - 25x metal pedal sounds. Hits, move, rattle etc.

19. Metallic Clank Big - 9x big metallic clanks.

20. Metallic Clank Small - 16x small metallic bricks placed on a metal surface.

21. Metallic Misc Medium - 14x medium sized metal object sounds. Place, tap, rattle.

22. Metallic Misc Small - 27x metal misc sounds. Toy Grapple, toy pariser wheel sound, small metal sheets etc.

23. Music box - 2x music box melody and short cue.

24. Papertube - 4x rip apart papertube

25. Roulette - 7x ball spin, roulette token drag, roulette roll loop, roulette roll ball and stop.

26. Rubber duck - 1x weird rubber dock sound

27. Softball - 2x softball thrown into basket of papers.

28. Suitcase - 12x pop chest, open suitcase.

29. Thermos - 12x thermos lid and pop open sounds.

30. Tibetian Bowl - 1x Tibetan bowl loop

31. Typewriter - 1x hit key on typewriter

32. Whimsical Comic - 8x balloon air release, ripple up / down, whimsical boing, clown boing

33. Woosh Transition - 3x swipe woosh transition sounds.