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Morningdew Media

Woosh Transition Sound Pack #1

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Need some silky smooth woosh transitions for your film project or in your Unity game? This is where to start. I created 100+ whooshes in various categories from smooth and subtle to more eccentric and gritty. There is even a few extra saturated ones for that more upfront sound.

I have created sounds for tons of infographic movies, games and films but always felt I had to redo some great transitions from scratch to make it sound fresh so I put together this pack so there is a great collection to pick sounds from when working on games and film. 

This is where you find some silk smooth transitions!

The samples are not overly processed with effects, though there are a few slightly saturated in the pack. 

This is NOT a pack of mega robotic transformers epic whooshes. But more like subtle animation / infographic / game transition sounds.

Listen to some demos in this you tube clip of Woosh Transitions #1.

I hope you find the pack useful in your animations, film and games.

Thanks for the support everyone!

/ Mattias Holmgren




➜ 100+ Transition Woosh Samples in .wav format

➜ 44.1 khz 24bit

➜ 7 Categories of Wooshes for all your transition in games, film and animation.

➜ Cinema Woosh (5 fx), Eccentric Woosh (11 fx), Eccentric Room Woosh (21 fx), Engine Woosh (13 fx),

Grunge Woosh (16 fx), Smooth plate woosh (20 fx), Vast Sea Woosh (13 fx),

Vast Sea Woosh SAT (saturated) (6 fx)